Wednesday, April 4, 2012

hari ini


did you ever believe? and at time you didn't believe what happened? you lose YOU? exactly.. it happened all the time. just admit it. but amazingly, a person can go through again and again, and still unchanged. hurm...

that's not a point...btw.

i realized something today that i would like to write and share here....

first. it was hard to keep it all inside, but still when it burst, it become harder. why? because when they were all inside, they all yours, but when they out, it remains in some people's brain. that will burn all............

second, kids are cute and pure as angel(you can say that). but they are human. naturally, inside them are two part apart. goodness and darkness. we have all that indeed. so when the kids showing you the darkness side, let reminds ourselves, that they are our RESPONSIBILITY to make a way to goodness forever and shut the darkness door forever. and for that, don't give up!

third, if being hypocrite is accepted, what the price of being honest ? tell me.

fourth, world is beautiful place to live. it is fact. so don't let anyone/anything make you think differently.

five, here come another hectic moments. so what the _ _ _ _ intanhafizah is doing here????


~And He found (you) lost, so He guide (you)~  Ad-Dhuha :7


Sunday, April 1, 2012



there are things that might confusing when it so clear like a crystal clear. but the hardest part is the things was stucked between lies and truth. will and never. one line that being a line changed everything. almost fall??? nope. always fall ??? yess.. but then, it was well said by someone "it's okay to falling over and over again, but it's not okay to not rising back EVERYTIME you falling"

yes. it was well said. but still it is not well done. why it was hard doing easy?

i don't get it. i just don't get it.